I have used vi for over twenty years and even implemented a couple vi-clones, but I have always had serious reservations about vim. Try adding the following to your .vimrc file:

map <up> iisuckatvi
map <down> iisuckatvi
map <left> iisuckatvi
map <right> iisuckatvi
imap <up> isuckatvi
imap <down> isuckatvi
imap <left> isuckatvi
imap <right> isuckatvi

If the above caused you any discomfort, please stop using vim immediately, and seriously consider learning emacs: You don't know vi-enough for it to matter, and emacs is a lot better once you've learned it.

If you're still as productive as before, then you know vi too well, and using any other editor (as you've likely noted) will seriously and negatively impact your productivity. The rest of this page will probably be helpful to you:

If you decide you want to try emacs, I'll suggest the following:

I can type at around 100wpm, so I thought vi- which allowed for great gains in mobility was the better choice for me. Learning emacs means you type less (however) because you don't have to count things like connecting to the remote server, or running find+grep, or one-line perl-p-i-e lines. Typing less means you get more done.